Bookkeeping online with iCash

Our new online bookkeeping service called iCash allows you to post cashbook data from anywhere in the world, directly into our bookkeeping system. All you need is a PC (running Windows ME, 2000, XP or Vista), Internet Explorer and a broadband connection.

You simply log on with your ID and password, enter your cashbook information and post your transactions. The posting screens are simple and easy to use, with the familiar appearance of manual cashbooks. You do not need additional software and there is no need to make back-ups. For a small annual fee, you receive everything you need for secure, comprehensive bookkeeping online.

When you register for iCash, we give you a log-in name and password, and set up relevant headings and bank accounts to get you going. If you are registered for VAT, iCash can also deal your VAT return: we supply you with a separate spreadsheet template to calculate your VAT liability if you are registered for Flat Rate VAT. And we provide you with a straightforward checklist of procedures to follow to ensure that the records are properly maintained. Using iCash is simplicity itself, but if you require, for a modest fee we can provide a training session for you and your staff.

Please contact us for more information or to order iCash.